Simply Green Poison

Simple Green Concentrated Cleaner/ Degreaser/ Deodorizer

** In case any of you are using this cleaner… think again.  Find an alternative.  I have many I can share with you!   Read the information below from the Environmental Working Group and share this with your friends.  This should be OFF the market!

The primary ingredient in Simple Green is 2-butoxyethanol, a possible human carcinogen specifically prohibited in certified green products. When used at full strength, this product released 93 air contaminants, the second highest number released by any product tested. See below for detailed results of EWG’s air pollution test of this school cleaning supply.

Made by: Sunshine Makers / Sunshine Makers, Inc.

Green Certification: None

93 Air Contaminants Detected
1 Ingredients disclosed by manufacturer

Concerns of the chemicals detectedKey health concerns highlighted by major agencies (Study Methodology)

1 Chemicals cause asthma FORMALDEHYDE
3 Chemicals on California’s Prop 65 List for cancer and reproductive toxicity FORMALDEHYDE, ACETALDEHYDE, ALLYLANISOLE
0 Chemicals linked to reproductive toxicity  
2 Chemicals that disrupt hormones ETHYLENE GLYCOL, PHENOL
1 Chemicals toxic to the brain and nervous system PHENOL

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