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We’re almost famous!

Wow!  Some good news during a very traumatic week here at our house (will share that at a later time…)

I’m overwhelmed with support.

Click the link below and find my blog under Babble’s Top 25 Autism Spectrum Blogs.  I’m currently #22 (and moving up!) — nominated by an unknown source!

Top 25 Autism Spectrum Blogs

Scroll down and click the ‘like’ button and let’s see if we can get some exposure!

Thanks so much and your support means more to me and my family than you’ll ever know… especially right now…


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The Invisible Woman

(Reposted from May 2010)

I really needed to hear this today.   Thought I’d share.   It’s a very, very powerful message.

Keep building! 


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Happy Mother’s Day

If your child could tell you this, he or she would. 

This is for all  the angels out there struggling every single day ~