It has to be said…  there is so much controversy out there right now arguing whether vaccines play a role in the outbreak of autism.  From Rush Limbaugh to the Today Show, people are spouting their opinions about an old study found to be fraudulent. 

Truth be told:  it’s just too much stress for me to even take this on.  I lost too much sleep over it years ago… and now it just makes me angry.  SOMETHING is causing autism.  Vaccines are big business.  How could we ever take them on?  They help many — but are we so ignorant to think that they will not harm any?  I know the numbers of those harmed are low, but what if you become a “number”?

I’m sickened by all the finger-pointing.  I’m tired of studies done to prove that vaccines are not the cause of autism.    All I know is, consequently, Tony’s first signs of autism happened shortly after he received his MMR shot, while he was on an antibiotic — sick with an ear infection.  Coincidental?  Not sure.  Is it what CAUSED his autism?   Only one person can answer that for me… the good Lord.   Will I point a finger and BLAME vaccinations?  No.  I won’t.

My stand is simply this — vaccinations MAY have played a part in Tony’s autism.  It may be a piece of the puzzle. 

Would I choose to vaccinate again?   I already did.  Both of Tony’s brothers received all of their vaccinations.  One is older, one is younger.  But with our younger son, I was extremely knowledgable and insistent that they separate all vaccines and do them on OUR time schedule, making sure he was strong and healthy when he received them.  Neither of Tony’s brothers have autism.

I agree with Autism Speaks on this one: 

“Many studies have been conducted on large samples to determine if a link exists between vaccination – specifically the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) and thimerosal-containing vaccines – and increases in the prevalence of autism. These studies have not supported a link between either the MMR vaccine or thimerosal and the increased prevalence of autism. The present state of the science indicates that the proven benefits of vaccinating a child to protect them against serious diseases outweigh the hypothesized risk that vaccinations might cause autism. It remains possible that specific genetic or medical factors present in a small minority of the general population might lead to an adverse vaccine response.  Autism Speaks and other organizations are investing in research to determine whether subsets of individuals might be at increased risk for developing autism symptoms following vaccination. In parallel, it is important to make a sustained investment in monitoring and optimizing vaccine safety relating to variations in manufacture, new vaccines, and new combinations of vaccines.

Autism Speaks feels that it is important to continue conducting research to develop effective treatments for individuals with autism spectrum disorders across the lifespan. We support a wide range of studies that are exploring behavioral, biomedical and pharmacological treatments. Parents need and deserve research to answer questions regarding what treatments are effective for their child.”

I know I open myself up to criticism, but frankly I’m just too exhausted to argue anymore.  I’m more focused on ‘how do we survive’. 

Was it THE cause?  We may never know.  But in the mean time, can we all quit fighting over this subject and just get to work on finding a solution?  Please?

Just my thoughts…


Autism Speaks is the nation’s largest autism science and advocacy organization, dedicated to funding research into the causes, prevention, treatments and a cure for autism; increasing awareness of autism spectrum disorders; and advocating for the needs of individuals with autism and their families.


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