Tony’s prayer

I found an old bookmark that my oldest son, Michael, made in grade school years ago for Grandparent’s Day.  It’s now next to Tony’s bed and he reads it nightly:

“There’s a Special Place In Heaven for Grandparents

Few can bring the warmth we can find in their embrace, And little more is needed to bring love then the smile on their face.

They’ve a supply of precious stories, yet they’ve time to wipe a tear, or give us reasons to make us laugh, they grow more precious through the years.

I believe that God sent us Grandparents as our legacy from above, to share the moments of our life, as extra measures of love.”

~author unknown

I can see that Tony is still processing his grandpa’s death.  It warms my heart to know that he is learning these coping skills and that he is thinking about his Grandpa Gene… 

You see, prayer is not tangible, you can not “see” it,  you have to “think” it.   And children with autism have a very hard time processing things that are not tangible.  This is a huge step!  Another life skill to add to the list… one that most of us simply take for granted. 



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  1. Very touching Becki. I am glad to see Tony is handling this so well. Just one more case in point of how your efforts are paying off for Tony.

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