Starting School

(This poem helped me tremendously when Tony was little… just thought I’d pass it on)

“The letter came from school today, (my child will start, you know).  There are forms to fill, a lunch to make.. I’ll stand and watch him go.

I didn’t plan on this so soon.. ride the bus at three?  Who will drive him, will she care.. if he cries because he’s leaving me?

Who will get him off the bus.. and wipe away his tears… Will the teacher comfort and reassure and hug away his fears?

What will the other children say.. when his special needs they see?  Will they include him in their play or ignore his anxious plea?

Oh Lord, please watch this special child.. and help me to let go; Ease my fears and anxiousness.. you know I love him so.”

~ Author Unknown

****  Whether your special needs child is starting preschool, Kindergarten, or is starting 12th grade, like mine… I think this poem applies.  Tony will be a Senior in just a few weeks… and I still tear up when I read this.



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  1. Beautifully said!

  2. What a wonderful poem. Thanks for sharing!

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