Mom’s Therapy

Time is flying!  I haven’t had time to update you all in so long – I apologize.  I’ve actually had people email me privately to make sure we’re ok.  Thank you all for your support.  It really touches my heart.

Summer school is going better than I imagined.  My business is growing and I’ve met some wonderful people who’ve joined my crusade of helping others.  We are continuing our daily rides —- burning through the gas —- and there’s been a few days that we’ve almost gotten caught in the rain!  (nothing makes Tony laugh harder than when it starts to rain and we have to pull over to put the top up)  That said, the rides at dusk have been absolutely gorgeous.  It’s become as much of a therapy session for us as it is for Tony. 

Last weekend, I got away alone for some more ‘therapy’.  I posted this on my facebook page: “College reunion this weekend! Some things just get better with time… love to slip back in time and “forget about life for awhile”. can’t wait to see everyone again!!!”   Well…  I wasn’t disappointed.  I had an incredible time, even lost my voice from all the talking and laughing.  Dave was home with the boys and did a wonderful job.  I didn’t even have to check in (except for texts cuz I missed everyone).  It was truly a mental break for me.  A lot of my friends read this blog, so I want to take this moment to say thank you for allowing me to relax.  We didn’t talk much about autism or therapies or stress or hard times.  We just reminisced, talked and talked, laughed until we couldn’t breath remembering how things were at UMD back in the 80’s.  Our friend, Larry, came in all the way from Hong Kong and we even had a special guest this year —- Ann, from Florida.  We hadn’t seen Ann in 20 years, but the minute we did, it was as if no time had passed at all…   there was a lot of love in the room and a lot of  joy as we reconnected with those who had a part in forming who we became.

Granted we’ve all aged, but when we get together that doesn’t matter.  We look at each other and see an old friend.  These people helped me that weekend more than they’ll ever know.  For a short weekend, I was just ‘me’.  I wasn’t someone’s Mom, or even Tony’s Mom, or the autism blogger, or the business builder… I was just me.  And it was really nice to get to know me again.

“Some people come into our lives and quickly go.   Others stay a while, make footprints on our hearts and we are never, ever the same.” 

Here’s to you  — all you from “GOOF 25”!   Thanks again for the belly laughs.


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