Speaking of Children

Found this article while cleaning out a closet yesterday… revamping my office to make it more functional 🙂   I thought this article was incredibly appropriate.

Reprinted from McCalls/September ’96

Speaking of Children

1.  When your child is going through a stage, whatever you do, don’t tell him

2. Take each of your children for an individual dinner date once a month

3. Make your kid the superhero of his very own bedtime story

4. Never criticize your child.  If you must, criticize only the actions

5. Don’t focus on all the little things that need fixing.  FOCUS on all the big things that don’t

6. Ask your kid to describe what he would do if he had a magic wand

7. Remember what you were like at that age

8. Let your child help you with something very important

9. Read to your child

10. Never tell an embarrassing story about your kid in his presense

11. …. or behind his back

12. Go for after-dinner walks together

13. Never laugh at your child’s dream

14. If you leave the house before your child is awake, place a note or a drawing on their pillow

15. Don’t try to talk a child out of his feelings

16. Lighten up

17. Sign up for an interesting class together

18. Take your youngest to work with you

19. Don’t try to win arguments

20. Visualize positive accomplishments for your child

21. Learn the names of your child’s friends

22. Don’t worry about what the neighbors think 

23. Listen more.  Talk less

24. Hug your teenager

25. Take good care of your children by taking good care of yourself.

Nicely said…



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  1. That is very good advice.

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