I was so proud of Tony this weekend!  My parent’s house was hit by straight-line winds (unconfirmed tornado) on Friday night and we spent the weekend helping them clean up the damage.  We had to drive back and forth both days (about 1 1/2 hours each direction).  We spent hours in the heat and humidity cleaning up the mess.  They still don’t have electricity.

What this means to Tony is:  CHANGE…  (and no TV, no videos or movies, and no air conditioning while the electricity is off)

Change is hard for anyone.  Change for someone with autism is extremely hard because it’s “unknown” or “unexpected” or better yet “unpredictable”.  And that causes stress.  Stress causes meltdowns.  Meltdowns can cause damage…  and the pattern continues.

He stayed occupied hanging out in the basement with a flashlight looking at old pictures and reading old books.  There was a lot of chaos.  A lot of people coming and going — and a lot of noise from the generator and the tree chopper/chipper (whatever you call it).  I was a little worried, but needed to be there to help out and to make sure my parents were coping with all their “change”.  It’s so hard to see big, old trees flattened by storms… trees with history… over 16 trees beautiful trees my Dad brought back from Ely, MN in the late 70’s — birch, northern pine, etc… and we’ve watched them grow through the years.  The good news is that no one was hurt.   The house was left untouched, except for some shingles and a twisted antenna.  The house, I’m sure, was protected by prayer.  Lots and lots of prayer.

Tony even got on the phone to talk to his Auntie Jess to tell her about it (and confirm a visit to their house – he’s been begging to go see them).  Remember, this is a new skill for him!  I was very proud of him to handle all the chaos and the incredible change it’s going to be every time we go down to Grandma’s and Grandpa’s house.  I documented the storm damage in a book so he can see the changes – before and after – to help him process this permanent change to how Grandma and Grandpa’s house looks now.  

Maybe I should make one for the rest of us too.  We could all use a little help coping.   🙂



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  1. So glad to hear everyone is ok!

  2. Cindy came through Lake Crystal on Sat. Said it really was a mess. Wondered if you parents were involved in the storm.So sorry about the trees. glad the house was untouched, and that they are OK.We had bad storm here to. but nothing like that. Just a lot of rain & flooding. I have a big pond in my front yard.

  3. Becki you are an absolute angel from God

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