Six guidelines for living a fulfilling life

In his commencement address to St. Agnes High School’s class of 2010, teacher Fred Blonigen presented six guidelines to live by… below are excerpts from the address

1.  Be a person who knows how to say thank you, who knows how to be grateful

2.  Always realize that education is primarily and above all else a search for truth.

3.  Never lose your sense of wonder, for a childlike wonder and astonishment should be the normal human response to the world that surrounds us.

4.  Recognize the great importance of silence and take time each day to be enriched by the world of silence.

5.  Cherish the great gift of freedom, but understand what true freedom is.

6.  Do not be afraid to be religious.

(to read the entire speech, go to



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  1. I really like this list, thanks for posting.

    I especially like the point regarding silence as that’s one thing that I don’t get enough of.

    I wrote a post regarding an Attitude of Gratitude that may be of interest.



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