Riding in the car with Tony…

Tony in Bongards, MN


Still going on our field trips.  Thank goodness gas prices are dropping.  (However this Sebring takes E85 so that has really saved us!)   We go on 2 maybe 3 rides a day when the weather is nice.  Who would have known that this car purchase was going to be such a wonderful sensory activity for Tony?    Here you see us in Bongards — a tiny city out west somewhere.  There’s one street and a little store that sells cheese.  This is the big cow that sits next to the store.  Tony uses his trusty State Farm road atlas and he picks a direction in which to travel every day. (I’ve limited him to the SW suburbs)  I love that he’s becoming so aware of his surroundings and that he wants to explore.  We’ve pretty much hit all the western suburbs in the area — Excelsior being his favorite.  We have a route that takes us by Lake Mtka and he loves downtown Excelsior (so does Mom).  We don’t get out of the car, we just drive with the top down.  We get our daily dose of vitamin D and of Kool 108 (classic 70’s and 80’s music).  He sings, he rocks, he dances with his hands up in the air.  He’s completely euphoric. 

I have to say that it’s been great therapy for me too.  It’s really hard to take the time to go for a ride.. I mean, I need to work my business… appointments to make… presentations to do… there’s laundry… house to clean… errands to run… calls to return… bills to pay… yadayadayada.  However, in his world, this is now a necessity.  It’s something he looks forward to every day.  It’s time alone, just he and I, and it’s time spent out in the world.  What am I to learn from this? 

I guess I’m learning to just ‘let it be’.  Taking the time to enjoy this beautiful state we live in.  Taking the time to slow down… and smell the lilacs in downtown Excelsior.  Slow down to see the Farmer’s Markets.  Slow down and watch the boats on the lake.  Slow down and see the sunset out to the west.  Slow down and watch the storms approach.   Had I gotten so busy and overwhelmed with life that this seems stressful?  I guess I had…  I’m glad Tony is slowing me down.


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