My Typical Day

I ran across this short story that my husband, Dave, wrote through the eyes of  Tony about 3- 4 years ago, about the time Dave had to make an unexpected career change.  This story made me chuckle and brought back lots of memories.  It’s interesting to read this from Dave’s account.  He used to leave for work at 4 or 5 am, so he was not around in the mornings and an early bed time was right in sync with Tony’s bed time.  It also seemed at the time that our life revolved around the Mexican restaurant, Don Pablos.  We used it as a reward for good behavior, or sometimes as a ‘treat’ for everyone.  By some miracle, Tony has given up that obsession since there is nothing gluten-free at Don Pablos.  🙂

“My Typical Day


Tony Becker 

 Hi, my name is Tony.  I’d like to walk you through a typical day of my “quirky” family. It all starts with my mom and dad shutting their loud radio off every morning about 4-5 times.  Then they finally get out of “my” bed, the one that they started sleeping in and I took over.  Mom starts out in the shower while I pull and poke at my dad’s arms and all that loose skin on his elbow.  He seems to get irritated but I figure if he doesn’t like it then he can get out of “my” bed.  Anyway, I turn on the TV and start to watch Magic School Bus, dad tells me to turn it down but I know he really likes it because I always see him watching my videos over my shoulder, which is not permitted in my house. 

Now it’s finally time for me to get in the shower.  I take about a 20 minute shower, which is pretty cool because there was a time when I couldn’t stand to have water poured over my head, I would completely freak out and my dad would become a basket case.  I like to sing in the shower because I have a fabulous voice, and no one else is allowed to sing in this house because they have such bad voices, except my mom, she’s pretty good.  When I’m done with my shower I go singing through the house as to wake up everybody.  I make such a good alarm for everyone.  I sing for Michael and pounce on Joey to wake him up.  I then go down to the kitchen to get on moms computer, which is slower than @#&*.   Mom gives me my vitamins and I out think the computer, all while the rest of the people are getting up.  Dad try’s to sneak down into the kitchen but I don’t allow him in, because he hasn’t been around for the first 13 years of my mornings so why is he now trying to get in “the inner circle”.  Mom pours me a bag of cereal and we head off to school.  Before I fill you in about my school day, let me tell you about my brothers. These guys are my 2 best friends

    Michael, now 16, is like another parent, so kind but can discipline with the best of them.  “I’m going to call dad” he threatens, while I scream at 100 Decibels, NOOOOOO!  One minute I will be wrestling Michael and the next he’s cooking me a pizza.  Michael is always making sure I’m safe.  You know, I can get into a lot of stuff.  He is one of my 2 best friends.  Now let me tell you about the other one.  His name is Joey, and he is still here.  I don’t know why he hasn’t left yet.  For so long, it was just Michael and me but then mom’s stomach got big and now there is another person in this house.  Joey is “a little brother” you might say.   He does things to annoy me, like be in the same room as me, yawn, and stretch.  He is always there though when it’s time for bed.  I lay in the same bed as Joey and my dad until they fall asleep then I go back in to “my” bed.

    Getting back to school, mom drops me off at the curb and I slowly walk in, only to find a chunk of snow to pick up and eat.    My classes are pretty easy and I do like some of them but there are others that I could do without, but enough about school.  I get home and get right on that slow computer again.  This time I’ve got 1 movie running in 8 different frames with the scenes 2 seconds apart, my dad is amazed and the computer has gotten slower yet.  I slam my fist down on the table and scream “GOD…” when my mom stops me and I finish with “…BLESS THE LORD, AMEN.”  It all works out after all and I’m back to it.  I begin to think “I’m hungry” so I go to the cupboard and get some chips and salsa.  After I finish the first bowl of salsa, I ask “What’s for dinner?”  I would think that by the looks of it these other people in the house aren’t really doing anything, so why not cook me dinner.  Dad asks me,”what do you want?”, and I answer “How about… Don Plablos?”  Dad tells me no, again, but I can understand why, he keeps saying he’s putting on too much weight.  So off we go to Don Plablos.  “Where’s mommy?” and dad tells me, she’s at an appointment.  “Where’s mommy?” and dad tells me again she’s at an appointment. 

Apparently this guy doesn’t get it.  “Where’s mommy?” SHE’S AT AN APPOINTMENT!” Michael yells.  Now is a good time to hit Joey; he just yawned.  Michael orders me the same thing at Don Plablos, “he’ll have the chicken strips with the alphabet tater tots, and could you bring some more chips and 2 more salsa, he goes though them fast.”  After I finish 5 cups of salsa and 3 baskets of chips, I figure I’m not   real hungry tonight. “A big box”, I tell the person that keeps coming with the chips.  “No more Joey; give me a kiss”, I yell, while I see if his head is removable.  I fill the box with chips and salsa and the rest of my chicken and alphabets.   It’s time to go home now, but wait I need to go to the bathroom, and once again my big brother Michael takes me.  So we’re on our way home because it’s time to go to bed, and bedtime is 9:00 at the latest.  “Joey, time for bed.   Daddy, lay down.”   After the day is done, I think I’ve got a pretty nice life.

 Thanks  Mom, Dad, Michael and Joey,   I Love You.”


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