A breakthrough day!

Tony had a breakthrough day last Friday. Not sure why or how. He decided to start to use the telephone. He’d spent the last two days reading the new local telephone book (page by page – like it was a novel) Then last Friday, he called Shari early in the morning to ask for a video (twice) and even had her deliver it while I was gone (which she did – how cute is that?). Then he call 911… which ended up to be a great teaching moment. The gal on the phone was so nice and asked him questions (which he didn’t answer) and then asked him to give his Mom the phone – which he did. She told me she made a note of his name and disability and said we could call the non-emergency number anytime to ‘practice’. She said he did a great job of listening. Wow… that could have turned out much differently!

THEN he called my neighbor Nikki and asked if her new puppy, Maggie, could come over and play (2 month old yellow lab). THEN he called Grandma and talked about Easter. For over 10 minutes! She was thrilled!!! THEN he called Michael and asked when he’d be home and actually had a nice conversation! THEN he called my neighbor Laura and asked about her trip to Mexico. THEN, a few hours later, he ordered himself a gluten free pizza and had it delivered. The only way I found out what calls he made was to use the ‘redial’ on the phone. He did this all from his bedroom while reading a magazine and watching a movie.

OMG! WHAT?????? He had a huge smile all day. I was SO proud of him!! He’s never used the phone before and has never been able to carry on a conversation – we assumed it was because he couldn’t ‘see’ the other person on the phone. He’s even gone so far as to hide all of our phones!

SO…. Now there’s another thing to watch, but more importantly, another breakthrough!

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  1. Wow, Becki! This brought tears to my eyes! Char

  2. That is so great, Becki! I get misty just by reading your post. I can’t wait till the day Joey dial 911… actually, I probably can.

  3. Priceless! Way to go, Tony!

  4. How wonderful & exciting. So thrilled for him & you.

  5. Hi Becky,
    I have enjoyed reading your blog. It must be so exciting to have Tony make such a huge step forward. I have a friend here in AZ that has an 8 year old grandson who is autistic. She gave me the second book her daughter wrote to give to you via your Mom. I have now read it and have passed it on to two more friends.
    So you will get it soon. We will probably leave here about the 18th of the month.
    Wishing you many Easter Blessings at this special time of year.
    Love, Sandy

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