Support Groups

These are a few of my ‘support groups’.   I love my girlfriends.  Outside of my husband and my parents, they are the ones who I talk to and lean on.  Whether it’s my daily calls with Yvette and Lisa (sometimes hourly), coffees or lunch with Jill and Shari, email and Facebook chats, fun ‘girl events’ (including Bunco) with my neighbor girlfriends, or our weekly bonfires with the Falls Curve gang… my friends seem to know just what I need for support.  Always ready to listen.  Always a sounding board.  Always giving me positive feedback on how I’m doing.  I don’t know how I’d survive without them.  They surround me with heartwarming reinforcement and sometimes just sit and listen.  And when my stress bucket is full, they know to not ask and to just help me have fun and forget about ‘life’ for awhile.

There’s no questions asked when the noise level fills the background when I’m on the phone, or the noise seeps out the windows… no questions when we are frantically looking for our ‘wanderer’… no questions when they see us drive by in our convertible with yet another ‘field trip’ ride for the day… no questions when my dark circles have decided to move in for the winter…  and no questions when I seem to forget what we were just talking about.  

A friend once told me that “the greatest discovery a person can make is that it is possible to alter one’s life by altering one’s attitude”. 

I work on that daily. 

Thank you all for helping me stay strong, focused and determined… to you all I send a sincere, heartfelt hug for all you do for me, even if you don’t know you’re doing it.

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