Happy Birthday, Tony!


                   Don Pablos chips and salsa (check)

                   gluten free pizza  (check)

                   gluten free cake  (check)

          presents  (check)

         big brother home from college  (check)

         country music in the background (check)

         Beau wearing green color today (check)

         decorations (check)

         dinner together (check)

A simple 17th birthday wish…  just all his favorites in one place.  Tonight we will eat a combination of all his wishes and he will open his gifts with the joy of a small child.   Videos and books to add to his library.  He will be busy for days disecting the newest Classics, Pixar and Disney flicks to add to his collection. 

All this followed by a hot bath…

Sounds simple, doesn’t it?    If only it were….

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  1. Becki – I LOVE your blog (just learned about it on your Facebook post.) Can I share it with friends?! Oh … and Happy Birthday Tony!!!! XXOO Shelly

    • Thank you — and yes, of course you can share it! Feel free to subscribe

  2. Thank you — and yes, of course you can share it! Feel free to subscribe.

  3. Awesome! So glad you shared this special b-day with us.

    Halle–from the 112 yahoo group

  4. Happy Birthday, Tony! Sounds like an awesome night to me! Hope you all enjoy this special time together…

  5. Happy Birthday Tony!
    Simple (as it can be) is the best and Mom knows it!
    Hats off to you Becki.

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