I’d like to thank the Academy

It’s the Academy Awards night!  For those that know me, I’m a huge fan of the movies  and everything Hollywood (ok.. not everything, but I do love the world of make believe).   I used to imagine myself accepting an Academy Award and when I played as a child, I was always “acting’.  Maybe it was a foreshadow to what my life would be like raising Tony. 

To live in our house, you have to speak “Hollywood” because most of our conversations with him revolve around movie quotes.  Now, they are always appropriate answers, but most of them can be traced back to movie lines.  And remember — Tony is a man of few words!  So when he talks, it’s very exciting to us.  His favorite is old Hollywood — Audrey Hepburn especially.  I’ve had to really study those movies. 

We are watching the Academy Awards “together” this year.   He’s in my bedroom with pictures of movie stars laid out all over the bed (from his People magazines).  I’m in the basement with my glass of wine.  Every commercial, I run upstairs to ‘talk’.  He points to his list of winners (he keeps track) and says “Ok!  You can leave now!”  He flips back and forth between this show and Turner Classic Movies during commercials.   He is an eternal romantic.

I just ran up to check on Tony and he was standing up clapping – participating in a standing ovation for Monique in the movie “Precious”.  I was too!  🙂

I love this night… not because it’s about the award show… but because, for a brief moment, Tony and I are speaking the same language.

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  1. Becki I love it! I could picture the whole thing! Thanks for sharing my little movie star! 🙂

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